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fresh calcium bentonite

This clay was organic before we were organisms. Organic molecules began forming in the primordial "soup" of elements as the earth was coalescing. Calcium elements in the molecules were building blocks of the life-friendly foods which became the bio-available base providing for evolution of basic primitive life.
During and after whatever happened 65 million years ago to wipe out basically all life on Earth, calcium was an organic mineral to feed all life development on the planet. As the volcanoes and mantle shifting went on, calcium bentonite was created by pressure cooking the molecules with calcium in them forming bentonite molecules
Because of this intimate relationship during the very first birth, life forms of all kinds recognize calcium bentonite as friendly and beneficial.

Montana Bentonite harvests all-natural minerals from our own resource. We are Licensed, Permitted, Bonded and insured. We produce our products ourselves. We are a small family-owned operation. From this we hope that our friends, our clients, our customers will have assurance that we not only are directly involved in and responsible for what we make, but also that we care about what we deliver and what we say or represent about our products.
There continues to be a lot of misrepresentation about bentonites. We strongly urge anyone using or considering using bentonite for any use to do the research before you buy. In particular, do not buy an industrial product for personal use. Our clay is not sodium bentonite, so if you are looking for this industrial mineral, you will have to look elsewhere.

Our standard ordering procedure will be to set up a customer account with an initial order, then we can ship without check-cashing delay for subsequent orders.
As always, we will maintain our complete satisfaction of your money back policy.

We will post our snail-mail Order Form on each of the products and materials pages. We do this so that both you and we will be more safe by virtue of not participating in the "card-not-present" transaction process.

It is also important to understand that the confusion over calcium bentonite and sodium bentonite continues. We research other sites presenting these materials and it distresses us that so many of these misrepresent their material and product offerings. Many do not provide any information at all of any good use. I am skeptical enough to believe that they do this on purpose: they can buy cheap sodium bentonite and resell it for more by simply not telling buyer what that person is getting.
There are also mixed percentages of not only calcium and sodium in resource bodies, but contaminating elements. This is a strong concern for not buying unknown, undisclosed material for any form of personal, or animal or environmental use. This gets complicated, but it is very important and we are proud to put our data out front. Our stand is that you have the right to know.

As we work to upgrade and update our webstore, please also be aware that things will not be just perfect in the transition. There is much to be done and we are not just the best at these things. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Calcium Bentonite, the "Mineral of a Thousand Uses" is the original bio-available organic, chelated and colloidal mineral clay.

"The term 'bioavailability' attempts to include in a single concept the effect of a sequence of metabolic events, i.e., digestibility, solubilization, absorption, organ uptake and release, enzymatic transformation, secretion and excretion."  Bronner F. Nutrient bioavailability, with special reference to calcium. J Nutr. 1993 May;123(5):797-802. Review. PMID: 8487089

"Jesus healed the blind with it. Dams are patched with it. The Native Americans used it for money. The Russians capped Chernobyl with it after the nuclear plant melted down. NASA feeds it to astronauts to prevent osteoporosis.In a culture that worships high-tech, "scientific" medicine, let me make the following sacrilegious statement: Clay is the most versatile, profoundly effective, cheap, mysterious, underrated, covered-up health treatment available.: Julie Crist, M. Ac. "Clay: The Healing Underground"

As we continue our practice of setting up in-house accounts for our customers. We accept the standard forms of written checks for initial purchases. With each new purchase we set up a record so that every subsequent purchase up to that amount does not get delayed waiting for the check to clear at the bank. We ship the ordered goods without delay and as long as a customer's check does clear, all is well. We have never been disappointed in this. We have order forms available for printout and mailing, also, if this may be easier for you.

Montana Bentonite, LLC is a member of The Clay Minerals Society (www.cms.org). This is THE resource for scientific and emprically-validated information on clay minerals of all types. It is very important to have this professional body for information and documentation that we can have confidence in.

Our analytical lab results, for your inspection:

 TM analysis, Dec. '08.pdf

Trace Mineral Analysis, blue bentonite.pdf

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